Feel-Good Instagram - August Edition

Taking a social media detox without actually getting off social media… wait, what ?!

Yup, let me explain. I recently had a little revelation for myself. Sometime taking a social media break doesn’t mean I need to get off social media. It means consciously switching off from the contents I usually consume from my work& friend circle and turn to pages that brings me nothing but pure joy& entertainment.

Firstly, I would like to mention I love instagram. I guess that’s how it becomes my full time job. When I am in a good mental space, I would pick instagram over tv/netflix any day. However, social media could get overwhelming from time to time. Especially when my self-doubts and insecurities kick in, that’s when I would consciously take a break from my usualty contents.

Intead here are 5 examples of contents I turn to for joy, laughs, relaxation, or even healing in many cases.

1. Enzo

I highly suspect my friend Bushra has a phD in Paw-Language. She narrative Enzo’s day-to-day life through Enzo’s perspective and he is one extremely funny dog.

2. Jake Whitehall

Jake Whitehall is probably one of my favourite comedians from England and I literally watched all his stand up comedies as well as his hilarious travel show with his dad. It is still in my bucketlist to see him live one day

3. Eva zu Beck

Eva gave up her job as the lead for culture trip back in 2017 and starting her own travel show on Youtube. Before watching her travel shows, I have never heard of most of her destinations. It is really inspiring to see someone giving up the comfort of her London life and embark on a journey that might not be understood by many but makes her feel truly alive. Watching Eva’s show is such an educational and humbling experience.

4. Vt

Instagram's answer to TV. Click on each image below to the link to my current favourite 3 episode.

5. Rianne Meijer

For someone like me who struggles with her body image on a daily basis, her sense of humour & content is pure gold.

I hope you will find joy in these contents like I do and Please do share your feel good pages with me!My instagram DM is always open for a chat xx